The Swan Exhibition





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Director’s Word

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Media & Awards:

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“Adopting these innovations in our systems will help us with service delivery, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which faces us today. From our side, we are quite excited to benefit from these innovations”

Cllr Jolidee Matongo / City of JOHANNESBURG MMC for Finance

“Disruptive technology and income-generating innovation bring the promise of increased effectiveness, efficiency, and scale. Our aim is to launch and then grow these businesses to the point where they become an attractive option for traditional and impact investors.”

Bridgit Evans / SAB Foundation Director

“Congratulations to MALII on winning the first round of the Johannesburg Smart City Innovator Challenge. I personally look forward to seeing more people of Johannesburg take advantage of the innovations to both keep safe and experience convenience in the times of the Covid-19’s new normal in Johannesburg”

Cllr Jolidee Matongo / City of Johannesburg MMC for Finance

“Smart digital technology solutions help citizens stay connected and allow businesses, citizens and public administrations to find ways to respond faster and in a more integrated way to crises and daily life”

Mr ​​Lawrence Boya / Leader of the City of Johannesburg, Smart City Office