MALII is a technology platform that provides contactless payments and smart mobility solutions to the transport sector. We understand that the future of mobility will be multi-modal systems connected through smart technology. MALII's platform brings state of the art technology to minibus taxis and buses; with a well-designed data analytics strategy that gives public transport and city officials the ability to analyze data and easily glean actionable insights .

We have collaborated with stakeholders through a process of inclusive innovation to address the unique needs of commuters and the public transport sector. MALII will have individual-level commuting patterns through origin-destination metrics; which can be used for public transit network design and route optimization

The aggregated data will identify connectivity patterns in the public transport system that can inform future infrastructure expansions. This platform will integrate minibus taxis with the entire public transport system.


City Of Joburg

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“Adopting these innovations in our systems will help us with service delivery, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which faces us today. From our side, we are quite excited to benefit from these innovations”

Cllr Jolidee Matongo / City of JOHANNESBURG MMC for Finance

“Smart digital technology solutions help citizens stay connected and allow businesses, citizens and public administrations to find ways to respond faster and in a more integrated way to crises and daily life”

Mr ​​Lawrence Boya / Leader of the City of Johannesburg, Smart City Office

Winners at the SAB Foundation Social Innovation Awards which aims to support and scale social innovation  that solve social problems, with a particular emphasis on innovations that benefit women, youth, people with disability or those in rural areas.

MALII was inducted in Alphacode Explore Program which is run in partnership with the Explore Data Science Academy. Alphacode was launched by Rand Merchant Investments, it identifies and grows next generation financial services business.

We are inducted in the eFounders Fellowship Program, a partnership between United Nations Conference on Trade & Development and Alibaba Business School which aims to shape the young entrepreneurs to become catalysts for digital transformation.

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